6 Tips to Stage your Home Before Listing

It’s well known that the better house your looks, the better chance that it’s going to sell. Buyers want to be able to see the house in all of it’s form, and imagine their future life there. Common staging mistakes could be distracting potential buyers, or even worse giving them a bad first impression. These tips are going to help you stage your home before selling so that you are giving your house the most potential to sell!

1. Declutter!

Buyers want to actually be able to see your home. The number one reason homes don’t present well is because of clutter. Do you have stuff everywhere? Are there items you can store away in boxes? If you are in need of a bigger house, you might have a ton of extra stuff lying around. This would be a good opportunity for you to declutter, get a storage space, and even donate items you don’t use anymore. Remember, buyers want to see floor space, wall space, cabinet space, and counter tops!

2. Organize

Everything that isn’t boxed up, donated, or thrown away should have a spot. I know organizing can be difficult. But make sure everything has a specific spot so it doesn’t look messy. Utilize drawer and closet space with organizers to help you out!

3. Clean

Clean everything. Cleaning will remove the ding and really help to present a clean and fresh home. You might get used to the ring of dust around the baseboards, or the dirt on the wall of your kids bedrooms, but buyers walking through will notice it right away. Stage your home so that it seems clean and new (as close to it as possible)!

4. Paint

If you can afford it, and you’re wondering if you should paint, do it! A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a home. Make sure that you paint light neutral colors. Buyers will not be as excited about that lime green wall that you are in love with! When using paint to stage your home, look to brighten the home. A bright home will be more welcoming and give that warm, homey feel to buyers during a showing.

5. Make Repairs

Any repairs that you can make should be done. Fix the light switches. Patch up the little holes that you’ve become used to. Remember when you stage your home that a buyer will focus on everything bad that’s there, even if you have a beautiful home. Don’t give them a reason to be distracted from all that your home can offer them!

6. Depersonalize

You may love your picture collages or personal quotes that cover your living room, but try to keep personal touches limited. Make sure there is blank wall space that is clean and newly painted if possible. Minimize family photos. A few can be a nice touch, but too many will make it hard for buyers to see their life in Yes , that picture of your kids from last Halloween is super adorable, but you don’t need it on display for buyers. Also, removing family pictures can be a good safety precaution for your family! You don’t know who is walking through your home during a showing-we can’t give background checks before, as much as we may want to! Make sure that your personal touches aren’t everywhere so that buyers get a feel for your home, rather than your taste.

When you stage your home, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, or change everything about your house. You want to remember that when your home is being shown, buyers want a blank canvas. They can easily be distracted by flaws that make them feel like they will have to change or “fix” everything when they move in. Give them a clean, bright canvas so that they can image building their life in it.


Braiden Kurowski

Braiden Kurowski